New website: The Dave Walker Guide to…

new website

I am finally, after rather a lot of messing around, able to launch my new website, ‘The Dave Walker Guide to…

The general idea is that it will be the place I regularly post new non-church-themed cartoons (ie ones about everything else). At the moment there are only 5 cartoons on it (and you will probably have seen most of them before), but the plan is that I will add new ones as time goes by. The target is once a week initially.

Do go and have a look. Aspects of it almost certainly won’t work as I’ve had technical problem after technical problem with it, but hopefully you can see something. Please do tell me if you spot anything I could improve. One issue is that the cartoons aren’t as sharp as I’d like them in some browsers, but none of the programmes I use seem to be able to get decent results on that front. I’ve tried to make the cartoons bigger than on my other websites as I think they look better than way.

I should add that this emphasis on more general cartooning does not mean that I have plans to give up the church-based ones. The aim is to broaden what I do a bit. I’m really only doing one church cartoon a week now anyway. is continuing, as is this blog.

While I’m here: I’ve also signed up for Pinterest, the newfangled image-sharing website. The ‘davewalker’ username was taken, so although I have saved the ‘cartoonchurch’ one the one I am using is ‘diagrams’. It is a favourite word. And to get all of the self-promotionalism out of the way in one go: I’m about to launch a new Facebook page for my general cartooning as opposed to my church-themed work (Edit: have done and it is here).

Book 4

Book 4

[Larger version]

Photograph: Last night I arranged the cartoons from the still-to-be-named ‘Book 4’ in the order in which they will appear. In the first book they appeared in file-name order because I didn’t get around to arranging them. ‘My Pew’ and ‘Exciting World’ have them more logically ordered, not that anyone but me would have noticed if they were peculiarly arranged.

The book, to be published in time for the Greenbelt Festival in August, still has no title. Anyone who comes up with a title that I go on to use will receive prizes. I mean actual literal ones.

Today I will be handing in a memory stick with all of the image files and the small pieces of paper numbered in the correct order (pencil, upper left corner). Conveniently the publishers, Canterbury Press, have their offices about twenty two steps from the desk I go to on Wednesdays and Thursdays to put bold and italic tags into web pages.