New Year cartoon giveaway

Update: Giveaway now closed. A huge thank you for all contributions. The winners are posted below – if you are one you should have received an email.

It is January, which is when I traditionally post a desperate plea for cartoon ideas heavily disguised as a cartoon-merchandise giveaway.

The Prizes:

10 (ten) prizes of a cartoon book, or a no-longer-available-to-buy cycling cartoon tea towel (slight second). Winners will have the choice of prizes from a list that I will send them. I’d be very happy to sign or dedicate the books. I’ll send the prizes anywhere in the world.

Plus… I may add a mystery prize or two, depending on how the mood takes me.

How to enter:

Post one or more cartoon ideas in the comments below. (The comment must be on this site, not on social media). Ideas can be a topic you’d like me to cover, or something more finished with descriptions of pictures, etc. It can be a church-themed cartoon idea, or something else entirely. Ideas don’t have to be any good.


1. I can change the rules
2. Entires must be made here and not on Facebook/Twitter. Reason: I use a random number generator to choose the winners, and that really only works if all answers are in the same place and not scattered here/there/everywhere. It is also difficult to print tweets out for reference.
3. One entry per person will count towards the prize. But you’re welcome to send as many ideas as you’d like.
4. Prize-winners will be chosen at random from all entries given. I will contact you to ask for a postal address, so make sure the email address you use (kept hidden on this site, of course) is current.
5. I reserve the right to use any of the ideas given. When people send me an idea that I use I try to send them an image file of the cartoon, but I sometimes forget.

Closing date: 10pm UK time, Thursday 19 January 2017. I’ll post a list of winners the following day.

If entries don’t appear straight away it is because comments by new commenters are moderated.

Thanks in advance for all ideas given. Ideas sent to me via competitions like this or just via email at other times are always hugely appreciated and make it possible for me to keep this cartooning thing going.

Update: Giveaway now closed. The winners, chosen at random*:

Anne, Richard, Andrew Steer, Andrew Dunlop, Peter Henry, Anne Dowdeswell, Helen, Dave, Wendy, Amy

A huge thank you for all contributions. I will do another giveaway before too long. Subscribe to the blog, or follow on Twitter to be sure to hear about it.

*In-depth technical note about my methodology. I use an online random number generator to choose the comment numbers, being sure to discard any results that are repeat posts so that each person has an equal chance.

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Colouring books and calendars

Dave Walker Colouring Book

I had two items published by Canterbury Press during 2016, my calendar and colouring book. You can find them at at Church House Bookshop, along with all my other books, tea towels, etc. You can buy them elsewhere, but Church House Bookshop is worth supporting if you are going to buy online. For those who prefer Amazon: my Amazon Author page listing all my books is here.

[Update: Christmas cards now sold out] I also have, on a very limited basis, some cycling cartoon Christmas cards for sale. They are the ‘Santa’s Bikes’ design shown below.



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Sotheby’s auction


One of my cartoons is being auctioned at Sotheby’s on 13 December. It is a cartoon on the theme ‘If Heath Robinson was alive today’, and is entitled ‘Taking a selfie’. The auction, or at least the part of it my work is being sold in, is to raise funds for the Heath Robinson Museum (my blog post about the opening).

You can see the listing here, and a larger version of the cartoon via this link (will open in new tab).

The whole auction, including contributions from some other cartoonists, is visible here, my cartoon is lot no 282.

Update: The cartoon didn’t sell at auction (see below), but I’m hoping that a buyer may have been found.

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Cycling in Amsterdam


This week I had the opportunity to ride a bike in Amsterdam, and I took some photos. If, like me, you’ve never cycled in the Netherlands, it is quite an experience to ride with so many people in such a bicycle-friendly place. For more on how the bicycle came to be so central in the Netherlands see this Guardian article, ‘How Amsterdam became the bicycle capital of the world‘.


An example of a cycle route, this one behind Central Station in Amsterdam. Most roads have some kind of bike lane, many entirely segregated like this one. The surfaces are smooth, and they are designed to give priority to bikes most of the time.

Read more…

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The Cycling Cartoonist book is taking shape

the cycling cartoonist dave walker cover

Friday was the final deadline day for submission of cartoons for The Cycling Cartoonist. I’m pleased to say that I’ve drawn 116 brand new cycling cartoons, which, added to 28 that I’d already done, means that there are 144 in total.

It’s taken 8 months and is by far the biggest such project I’ve attempted, so it is a huge relief to have got it done. There will of course be editing still to do, but the first and largest hurdle has been… hurdled. It is also the first project that I’ve undertaken entirely digitally, using [technical details] an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the Procreate App. This new way of doing things isn’t perfect and has taken a lot of learning, but it wouldn’t have been possible to get this much work done in the time using my old ‘draw it on paper then scan’ methods.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped me with ideas and morale-boosting. This is a picture of me out on the bike, in the cold and rain, fixing a puncture with my friend Mark, while my other friend Sam is holding my bike and taking the picture. They had no idea how important such research in the lanes of rural Essex would be when it came to the cartoon-drawing a month or two later.

fixing puncture

Many thanks too to my publishers, Bloomsbury Sport, who’ve been brilliant, including when I needed just a little more drawing time.

Publication date for the book is 1 June, and the cover might look a bit like the image above.

The Cycling Cartoonist on the Bloomsbury UK website
The Cycling Cartoonist on Amazon UK

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The people’s choice?


I’m pleased to say that this website has been shortlisted for an award at the Premier Digital Awards. The award in question is the People’s Choice Award, which is voted for by the public. I was an award winner (different category) at these awards in 2007, so it’s very nice to be shortlisted again.

If you’d like to vote you can do so here. But take a look at the other sites too, and please vote for one of them if you want to. There’s a devotional for youth leaders, a blog about volunteering in Calais, a Christian events directory, and a ‘Spirituality for the non-religious’ video site. Or of course this one. So, take your pick.

Here’s a badge kind-of-a-thing.


There’s an awards dinner, which I have been to a number of times, so it will be very nice to go to that with CW once again. Oh, and an internet conference (I think one is supposed to say ‘digital’, but you get the idea), during the day, if church and the internet is your kind of thing. See you there, possibly.

Update after the event: Didn’t win, did come second. We had a lovely evening though. Thanks to everyone who voted!

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Opening of the Heath Robinson Museum

heath_robinson_museum_logo_the_beautiful_memeAvid readers paying close attention might remember that a few months ago I visited the site of the new museum in Pinner, north London, dedicated to illustrator William Heath Robinson. Well, today the Heath Robinson Museum opened to the public, and I was there at the opening ceremony, taking some photos, and having a long-awaited first look inside.

Well, here it is. The new museum, with chairs set out ready for the opening ceremony.

Read more…

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Where to eat your GEOBAR

Geobar cartoon

This is my new cartoon for GEOBAR, the fairtrade bar that is ideal for cycling (other active pursuits are available). The GEOBAR website tells you all about different flavours, where to buy them (includes Sainsburys and Waitrose), and the people who supply the ingredients from all over the world.

It is great to do another cartoon for Traidcraft, and also quite nice to be able to post a cycling-themed cartoon. September is deadline month for my cycling cartoon book, so there is a huge amount of drawing going on behind the scenes. I’m at the Fishermen’s Chapel in Leigh-on-Sea drawing for much of this week – see my Twitter account if frequent updates, including the state of the tide, are of interest.

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The colouring book is in!


Exciting news – the colouring book has been published! I received my author copies today from Canterbury Press, and the package was opened with much enthusiasm. [See Fig 1. Scatter cushions go flying, etc.]

It is nice to see the new drawings I’ve done specifically for the book in print, and some that were previously only available in a small size in A4. Thanks Canterbury Press – I think it looks great.

To give you an idea of the kind of pictures are inside here’s a double spread taken fairly at random, and photographed (not terribly well, it must be said) in our garden a few minutes ago. You can see a few other sample pictures here on my site.


So how can you get a copy? The book is available by ordering from your local bookshop, or the following places:

If you buy the book and colour some of it do send me a photo of your colouring. I’ll tweet or retweet the best ones.

To those going along to the Greenbelt Festival this year do see my post about the colouring event we are running there. Saturday, 3pm, with a signing (I think) at 6pm.

Thanks to all who have been so enthusiastic about sharing and retweeting and liking my Twitter and Facebook posts about the book. And especially to those who take the time to write reviews on well-known websites that allow reviews – they are hugely appreciated and make a real difference – thank you.

To everyone who buys the book – I really hope you enjoy it.


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Greenbelt Festival: ‘Colouring-in with Dave Walker’

Dave Walker Colouring Book

Some news for people who go to the Greenbelt Festival. There will be a session entitled ‘Colouring-in with Dave Walker’, taking place on Saturday 27th August, at 3pm in the G-Books / Christian Aid tent. The programme says something along these lines:

Calling all artists (and doodlers) to help us colour in from the new Dave Walker Colouring Book (Canterbury). Pages and pens provided. Dave Walker will be on hand to select winners and hand out prizes.

Do come along if you’re at Greenbelt. Sadly I don’t think you’ll get to hear me giving insights from my vast colouring-in experience, but one can’t have everything. I will be judging the winners, which should be fun (although there are concerns about public unrest if I make an unpopular decision). If you want info on the other events taking place in the Bookshop Tent you can find it here.

The book, I’m pleased to say, should be out very shortly, available from places that stock such things, and / or the following:

In other Greenbelt news, I have done my usual ‘Reasonably accurate Greenbelt site map’ for the Church Times ‘Guide to Greenbelt’, which is given out around the site or available free in the bookshop. For the first time the map was drawn electronically rather than on a sheet of paper (interesting for me, less so for anyone else). And as usual the map was drawn before any last-minute changes to the actual layout of the site, so may be wonky in places.

If you’re at the festival do say hello if you see someone looking a bit like me around the place. See you there (possibly).

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