Summer cartoon ideas

Any summer or indeed non-summer themed cartoon ideas would be welcomed. Anything you can send me via the comments section of this blog or via email would be much appreciated. Twitter is OK too, just not quite as easy for me to save / print off. Sorry to ask again, but cartooning has gone better than it currently is. I try to reply to all messages, but thanks in advance for your help.

Cycling cartoon: Cooling down

A new cartoon on my website: Cooling down. Some more cycling bits and pieces coming over the next few weeks, all being well.


Cartoon ideas required


I’m open to requests for subjects for my weekly Church Times cartoon slot. OK, this is another way of saying I could really do with some ideas.

Topics can be anything church-related, or some other issue (such as my election cartoon or the foodbanks one).

I can’t make any promises to draw anything on the subjects suggested, but I print out everything suggested in these blog comments threads and carry it around with me.

If possible I prefer ideas in blog comments (below) or by email. Tweets are appreciated, but they are harder to collect and save.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Riding on the track at the Olympic velodrome


Yesterday I had the chance to ride on the track at the Olympic velodrome at Stratford. In summary: it was fantastic.

I hadn’t ridden on a velodrome before, or indeed on a fixed-wheel bike, so I was quite apprehensive about the whole thing. What if, in a moment of absent-mindedness, (to which I am prone), I forget to keep pedalling and come crashing down the banking? That kind of thing.

But it was all fine. The instructor was very good, and took us through one step at a time, so that at each point I felt ready for the next stage. So, first of all understanding about the bike and the rules of riding on the track, then learning how to clip in, how to start off and how to stop, how to ride on the safety zone, how to ride on the ‘côte d’azur’, (light blue section at the bottom of the wooden track), then riding on the boards themselves.

I was grinning from ear to ear for much of the time. Well, inwardly at least. Complete euphoria at actually riding on a track tinged with a hint of nervousness thinking that it could all still go horribly wrong at any moment. But it didn’t, and I absolutely loved it.

At the end of the session I was given the go ahead to progress to Level 2. And you know what? I think I will.

Some photos are below. Please excuse the fact that they aren’t all that sharp – the light is comparatively low and my speed was incredibly fast. OK, not really that fast, but fast enough to be blurry.

Thanks should to go to my family who bought me the ‘taster session’.

If you’d like to have a go yourself, or perhaps buy a taster session for a cyclist you know, you can do so on the Lee Valley Velo park website. I’d say that ideally you need to be fairly competent on a bike. It would help to have ridden a road bike before, but probably isn’t essential. Do ask me any questions about it if that would be useful.

Choosing a bike.

Being fitted for a bike. Struggling to get on it because the cranks don’t just turn to where you want them.

The coach explains how to ride on the track.

The coach explains how to ride on the track while we all hold onto the banister*. *It may not be called a banister.

Riding around for the first time, on the 'safety zone', the blue flat bit.

Riding around for the first time, on the ‘safety zone’, the blue flat bit. I can ride a fixed-gear bike – hurrah!

Riding on the 'côte d'azur', the light blue strip that is part of the track, but not steeply banked on the bends.

Riding on the ‘côte d’azur’, the light blue strip that is part of the track, but not steeply banked on the bends.

On the track.

On the track. I can feel the wind in my face and am very happy.

Riding at a great velocity.

Riding at a great velocity.

Notebook scan: The left / the right


I did warn you about quality once we reached day 12. Notebook scan for today’s cartoon a day: ‘The left / the right’

Christian Aid Week


Cartoon drawn for Christian Aid Week a year or two ago. This is for everyone raising money for Christian Aid Week, which starts approximately now. You can contribute here if you’d like to.

The man who washes the jars and cans


Cartoon from circa 2007. Can’t remember who I originally drew it for, or why.

New cycling cartoon: Marginal gains


Today’s daily cartoon is a cycling one, entitled ‘Marginal gains’. See all of my cycling diagrams on

Students: How to recognise them in church


Today’s ‘cartoon-a-day’. This is one I did years ago for a publication called Quadrant, magazine/newsletter of Christian Research.

Quick cartoon: Umbrellas


Today’s daily cartoon is a quick 45-minute drawing done this evening. Please excuse un-tidied-up nature, etc.