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Cartoon: the election

I’m posting a cartoon a day in May. Some will be new, others old, forgotten, lost, or rubbish. You’ll find them here on the blog, and also on my Twitter feed.

This seemed like a good one to start with, what with elections coming up, etc. It is from my book Peculiar Goings On, and available on, here. If you’re a church you can buy an annual licence to use this cartoon and lots and lots of my other ones. [Update: if is having problems I apologise - I am changing web hosts very soon.]

If you’d like to use this cartoon for any other purpose please get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. The high resolution version is here (right click and click ‘save image as’ or similar). It is likely that, in the case of this specific cartoon, I won’t charge you and just direct you to my tip jar, but please ask anyway.

Please do feel free to share this cartoon – it is much appreciated when people do share my work. If you could credit it with my name/website/Twitter that would be great. There is another low-quality version floating around on Facebook with someone else’s name attached – it would be super if you could post this one rather than that one. On Facebook the cartoon is at – if you could share the one posted there rather than posting it yourself that would be lovely. Sorry to go on about it, but I rely on people being able to find me from my work.


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Those who get it


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