Oh dear

Oh dear oh dear. I’ve been having major computer problems in that the ‘on’ button on my nice new(ish) computer has quite simply stopped working. The problem may turn out to be just a problem, or it could turn out to be a major major problem settng me back many months. We shall see. So:

a) Apologies for the lack of posts on Friday and Saturday. This is of course an unacceptable state of affairs and I’m really very sorry.

b) Apologies too to anyone who has ordered greetings cards in the last two weeks. Being on holiday happening along with my latest malfunctions have combined to make the delivery times way longer than I would have like them to be. I’ll be sending off postal orders received in the last two weeks tomorrow.

c) At the time of writing I can’t access any e-mail sent to me in the last two weeks – hopefully that will change shortly, but if not I’ll keep you posted and ask people to resend things. To add complication to injury I did manage to read some of it before the computer caved in, but in most cases not reply or make any note of the contents. At the time of writing I can now get brand new dave(at)wibsite.com e-mail, but not any dave(at)cartoonchurch.com messages.

Sorry about all this. Updates to the blog over the next few days may be sporadic, or they may not. My fate is in the of the hands of the PC World ‘grumpy customers’ desk and perhaps an engineer in a Packard Bell laboratory somewhere. It doesn’t give you a lot of hope does it?

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