Making a Splash

making a splash cover“Making a Splash – a young person’s guide to baptism” is a new book for young people published by the Baptist Union for which I have done the cartoons. Hopefully I can publish a sample cartoon shortly.

The book is published in February and costs £4 or £3.50 if you order lots. To order it your best bet is to go to and put ‘Making a Splash’ into the search box as it is a site that uses frames and so I can’t do a direct link.

It is written from a Baptist point of view – ie full immersion and lots of water. None of this splashing around in fonts. As an aside, that was the way I was baptised. Though I was confirmed by the Anglicans a few years later just to make sure.

I’d like to point out that I am not thinking of becoming a Baptist.

Other books that have my drawings in:

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