I have signed up to Twitter, the service that allows anyone to make their own version of the dullest blog in the world (which, incidentally, will come back. In the fullness of time). All over the world people are sending text-message-length messages to Twitter saying what they are doing. Which is not terribly interesting, but it is a well designed website and an easy to use and free service, so a lot of people use it.

My latest Twitter update appears in the column on the left there. I was thinking that I might use Twitter to update this website over the summer at the times when I am away from the computer. But then again, you have no interest in whether I am drinking a cup of earl grey or looking out of the window at a parked car, so there does not seem much point. Perhaps I should send texts with some other sort of information, such as the current temperature or the colour of camper vans I have spotted.

In any case it is likely that from this point forward until the end of August my blogging will not be daily. There are far too many other things to be doing, like drinking earl grey and looking out of the window at parked cars.


  1. Twitter’s great though. At first you think it’s pointless, then it becomes as addictive as blogging.

    We went on a home ed camp recently and someone set up a ‘camp twitter’ account that most people signed up to – it was great for keeping in touch that way and telling people what was happening when (especially as things that were planned changed time/venue according to weather or if the person doing it was running late or not!)

    Might be an idea for something like Greenbelt perhaps – although that’s probably too big a thing to twitter through, but you never know.

  2. It’s another way of keeping in touch with your adoring fans . . . and all those people who read your blog to pass the time of day. 😉

  3. Your use of twitter ensures it is an enjoyably random mix of factual and randomness and so a welcome addition to the site.

    I’ll be honest it doesn’t appeal to me – though I might get it for my blog at certain times of the year.


  4. But, Dave – if you use Twitter instead of the blog, it won’t show up in your RSS feed. And then I’ll never know it’s there, cos that’s how I know you’ve posted…

    pax et bonum

  5. been flirting with twitter for a while, part of me loves it and part of is scared – it could well become a new obsession.

    any answers to John’s rss question?

  6. John / Ben,

    Yes, the feed question is one reason that updating via twitter is less than ideal. There is a feed for my twitter updates:

    …but I can’t really expect people to subscribe to another feed. I’m still undecided whether I’m going to use it anyway.

  7. Rick Measham says:

    Use Jaiku rather than twitter .. it has more features and will solve the above issues and more.

    1) You can have an icon on each post

    2) You can comment on people’s posts

    3) You can add external feeds (which means you can add the RSS from your blog to your Jaiku and then people can just watch your Jaiku feed to get all updates)

    4) You can create ‘channels’ on a topic (say #cartoonchurch) where people can congregate to discuss the topic.