What is a post-pounder? 

A post pounder is a tool for driving fence posts and similar structures into a land surface. It is also called a post driver, post knocker, or post rammer. Post-pounders are heavy steel pipes closed at one end, with handles welded on the sides.  

Operation requires one person or two for larger pounders. 

post-pounder for fencing is essential in households, facilities, and institutions. While its use is best found during construction, it is significant to keep them after construction for when their need arises again. 

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How to use a post-pounder 

The pounder’s open end is placed over the top of the post to be driven. The tool is lifted and repeatedly dropped on the top of the post, where the closed end strikes the top, causing it to fall to the ground. This pounder is easily usable on both short and tall posts. 

However, the tool is not easy to use on slanting posts whose diameter does not align with the tube due to curves and bulges and is often known to cause slight damage to the top of the posts. 

A post-pounder for fencingis also used to remove T-posts. To do this, place the closed end of the post pounder on the ground about six inches from the post. The pounder should be on the side of the post containing knobs. 

Push the post away from the pounder, then push the top of the pounder so that the rim is beneath the post’s lowest knob. With the post pounder lodged beneath the post knob, pull the post back to the starting position and will lift a few inches. Repeat the process until the post-pounder is removed. 

Features of a good post pounder for fencing 

  • They are durable 
  • Easy to move 
  • Easy to use 
  • Cost-effective  
  • Low maintenance 
  • It can operate on the type of soil you wish to place your fence 

Safety and precautions when using a post-pounder  

Post-pounders typically weigh around 20 pounds and vary depending on model type. Diameters usually depend on the size of the post to be pounded. 

Post-pounders can be dangerous, especially when the lower edge catches on to the top of the post. This factor causes it to pivot towards the user and strike them on the head. The person operating a post-pounder should wear a helmet and an ear protection device.  


Post pounder for fencing is essential for household use or other institutions and facilities. They are easy to use, easy to maintain, and multi-purpose. The best post pounder for any customer depends on their budget, size of operation, size of equipment, sizes of posts to be installed, types of soil conditions, and terrain.