It is a thrilling experience for a child to play on a playground. Playgrounds can help develop a growing toddler’s fine social and motor skills. A child in its increasing stage might prefer something other than new indoor playgrounds vs. old ones. It is good to know the benefits of both as a caregiver or parent and how it compares with the outdoor playgrounds. 

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Benefits of outdoor playgrounds 

An outdoor playground facilitates a child’s physical activities as well as the interaction it has in the open with nature. They include going on the slide with friends, playing in the outdoor playhouse or the garden, or climbing trees. These outdoor activities are tremendous learning opportunities that can physically, socially, and intellectually develop their personality. 

– Benefits of getting abundant vitamin D from the sun for stronger bones 

– Offer more excellent bones, muscle, and physical endurance 

– Less chance of becoming obese in adulthood and lower BMI because they can burn more calories 

– Improves immune system and mood  

– Helps kids with ADHD because it gives them a perfect outlet to release energy 

– An increased awareness of the environment and climate change 

– A love of nature because of firsthand knowledge of animals and plants 

– Feelings of independence and a sense of freedom as they get to explore boundaries with confidence 

Benefits of indoor playgrounds 

These days, new indoor playgrounds are built differently, bearing in mind the exclusive offerings an outdoor playground can offer. The new indoor play space is ideal for children when the climate outside makes this unsafe or impossible. Indoor playgrounds are designed with no sharp edges and are bright. They are safe and sound to play at any time of the year or day. Here are some features of new indoor playgrounds vs. old play spaces. 

– Accessible any season and any time.  

– Have designated areas to boost creativity and imagination, such as role-playing 

– Lower chance of bodily injury because of the cushions, tumble mats, and ball pits 

– More sanitary as they undergo a thorough cleaning 

– Steer them away from sedentary lifestyles such as playing video games 

– It is ideal to meet other children and develop social skills when kids are too young to attend school  

– Offer several obstacles and puzzles, from balancing on cushions to climbing up slides 

– Imaginative scenarios like castles and running after bad guys help the kid’s imagination run wild. 


Studies show that a child nowadays has an average of six hours of digital screen time between school and home. Allowing your toddler to have playtime can stimulate their body and mind away from the devices. For parents of growing children, it is also imperative that you know new indoor playgrounds vs. old playgrounds and how they differ.